4 Best Grammar Checker Online Tools

We all desire to write grammatically correct and perfectly styled content, but we only face not finding the right tools to check our grammatical errors.

But no need to worry as this article is just the right guide to help us with this problem! So, read till the end to know it all.

Why are Grammar Checker online  Tools so Essential?

For instance, if we start a blog, imperfectly written articles and contents with spelling errors and grammar mistakes will kill the readers’ trust. Not just that, it can even discourage them from visiting our website again or even purchasing from us. And that’s not all; these errors can devastatingly affect the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings.

So, in the section below are some of the best grammar-checking online tools that we can have to make our content better and rank in the SERP.

The best grammar checker online tools

1. ProWritingAid

It’s an online grammar checking tool specially designed for content creators and writers. This editing software corrects our grammar, spellings, or punctuations and helps to optimize the words used in the writings. Moreover, it even provides detailed reports to help us improve our writing skills.

Key Features

● Inspects for plagiarism.
● Checks for spelling and grammar.
● Suggests for the words improvement and clarity.
● Maximum writing reports compared to any other grammar tool.
● Windows and Mac support.
● Third-party browser extensions are also available.

2. Grammarly

It’s one of the most favored online grammar checking tools with over 20 million users. Grammarly detects any type of errors, whether it’s for spellings, punctuations, or even misused words. This tool also suggests a better choice of words and even gives us rewriting suggestions for complicated sentences.
Key Features

● Easy and comfortable to use.
● It has a robust algorithm to scan any type of writing error.
● The paid version has an advanced plagiarism checker.
● Third-party browser extensions are also available.
● Provides suggestions constructed in the context of our writing.

3. Linguix

Linguix is one of the best “context-based” grammar and punctuation checkers of all time. This tool has over 2700+ up-to-date corrections that entirely covers thousand of problems starting from style to grammar. Liguix even offers thorough detailings for many popular issues and errors, making it an idle tool for any sort of writing project.

Key Features

● Advanced readability scores and insights.
● Grammar, style, and spelling checking software.
● Third-party browser extensions are also available.
● Content templates and snippets for quicker writing.
● Paraphrasing tool to enhance and rewrite sentences.

4. WhiteSmoke

One of the best proofreading software of all. It not just corrects grammar and spelling but also suggests the perfect choice of words. Moreover, it even offers punctuation and style mistakes.WhiteSmoke even has a translator and an advanced dictionary for over 50 languages and has more than 100 built-in templates, error explanations, video tutorials, and an advanced plagiarism checker. It’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) tech-based, featuring unique algorithms and A.I. for the best text analysis.

Key Features

● NLP techniques and A.I. technology
● Expert punctuation checker and grammar correction.
● Thesaurus+anti-plagiarism tool
● Translation services are available for over 55 languages
● Editing available for spelling errors, punctuations, and sentence structure
● Simple clutter-free user interface

Final Thoughts

Grammar checkers are one of the most crucial tools to avoid embarrassing grammatical mistakes in our writing. Whether we write for academic or professional purposes, grammatical errors can slide down our credibility.

These tools proofread every content, starting from our spelling errors to even suggest the best choice of words to improve the content’s readability.

So, the tools mentioned above are the best grammar checker online tools which we can use to improve our overall writing performance.

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