5 Biggest Mistakes Of Beginner Affiliates

It is very common to see Beginner Affiliates discouraged because they can’t sell: “I’ve done everything and the sale doesn’t come out”. Do you know the Biggest Mistakes New Affiliates Make?

Well, it’s important to say that selling as an affiliate is something that can take some time. You must first create a structure and go through a whole learning process so that you start generating sales every day.

Of course, making mistakes is an opportunity to gain experience! If you make a mistake, it indicates that you are testing, trying, and taking a risk. It’s the best way to learn and marketing is no different.

But if you want your financial success to come faster, it’s good to learn from the mistakes of others. This will help you to skip some unnecessary steps.

In this article, I will present you the 5 Biggest Mistakes of Beginner Affiliates that may be “stuck” in your sales.

1. I’d rather sell than help

The affiliate’s main function is not to sell, but to help their target audience find the solution to a specific problem. Who makes the sale is the producer through the sales page.

People don’t like polluted pages full of “Buy Here” ads. In addition to not selling, these people will not come back. They went to your article to acquire knowledge, and ask questions.

When you deliver good content, you start to have authority in a certain niche and that generates value for your offers.

The person will think: “if he already gives me such good content for free, imagine the quality of the product he sells!”

Preferring to sell than to help is undoubtedly one of the Biggest Mistakes New Affiliates Make. Your main goal should always be to help people!

Deliver knowledge and help solve your followers’ doubts and pain. Do this job well, and sales will follow.

2. Not Knowing the Product

It’s pretty hard to sell when you don’t understand what you’re promoting because you run out of the argument.

If you don’t understand what your product teaches and what benefits it promotes, when someone contacts you to ask a question, you won’t be able to answer.

Also, how are you going to be able to produce quality content related to the product you offer if you haven’t tried to understand it?

So here’s the tip. Understand as much as possible about the product you are promoting as an affiliate. Read content, and related articles.

Access all the pages that the producer makes available. Read the entire product sales page, watch the video, and understand what the producer delivers.

If you can buy the product, that’s even better. That way you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t.

This is the best way to get rid of objections. This will give you more power of argument and help you produce content to attract the right audience.

3. Promote various products

In the list of the Biggest Mistakes for New Affiliates, a very common item is to promote several products from the same niche, at the same time.

It confuses your follower. He will be in doubt with so many similar offers.

Also, by promoting too many products, you won’t be able to delve into any of them. Therefore, you will not know how to kill objections and have sales arguments.

Ideally, you start with a single product. Become an expert on it.

When your business grows a little more, start adding a few more products. Preferably complementary products, which cover aspects that the main product was not able to deliver or did not delve into.

4. Not attracting the right audience

“I generated 300 clicks on my affiliate link and no sales came out. What did I do wrong?”. Probably the audience that generated these clicks is not the right audience.

It’s not enough to join a product on Hotmart or Monetize, get your affiliate link and distribute it in various places, Instagram, and Facebook groups. Your audience may not be in those places.

But then how to find the right audience? The best way is through quality content.

This audience goes to your content through Google or Youtube searches, when you can position an article or video well.

A very good strategy is to generate qualified traffic to your blog or mini-site through Pinterest. Post flashy pins pointing to your content.

You generate quality content, attract qualified audiences, deliver solutions and knowledge, and offer a product related to the context of this article. So you have a better chance of converting into a sale.

Find out what your audience is consuming. This can be done by searching for keywords in tools like the Ubersuggest website, for example.

5. Not having a contact list

You advertise your affiliate link, and many clicks on your link and don’t buy.

If you didn’t capture that person’s email and keep it in your contact list, chances are you’ll never reach that person again.

contact list will bring you the possibility of selling as an affiliate. Because? You start to have a more personal and direct relationship with your readers.

It is a qualified audience that is interested in your content/product. Through the list, you can relate to your audience, remarket, send promotions, content, etc.

Extra tip: Offer bonuses

All people like the feeling that they have gained something extra on a purchase, that they have received a bonus.

Offering a bonus created by you, which is unique, will make you stand out among other affiliates, who are selling the same product as yours.

It is quite possible that your follower is looking for the same information on other channels, and other blogs. So he starts to receive the same offer from several people and needs to choose who he will buy from. 

How can you differentiate yourself? Through the bonus, you offer, because it’s yours alone, it’s unique.


These are the 5 Most Mistakes Of Beginner Affiliates. Understand which of these mistakes you are making, adjust, and watch the magic happen.

Working with affiliate marketing at the beginning requires a lot of discipline, focus on producing quality content, and consistency in publications.

You need to deliver value to your audience instead of being fixated on just wanting to sell.

You will find on the internet endless strategies to earn extra money. Many even succeed.

The problem is that you drop a strategy that would give you a greater base in the medium and long term and put all your energy in strategy 2, which if it doesn’t work out makes you go to strategy 3, and another and another…

In the end, do you know what happens? You didn’t build anything, you didn’t achieve any kind of result. And it goes on to say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work and that none of these methods work.

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