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5 domain registrar process is important to know for the new business owner and who is done researching and choosing the domain name for your website, the next step is to buy the domain from the domain registrars. After our research and seeing the experiences and reviews of thousands of business owners, we are here with the top 5 domain registrars. Deciding which company to trust and buy a domain from is a challenging task. Prices, services, renewal prices vary, and so much more. That is why we suggest you research well, and then make your decision.

The Best 5 Domain Registrar In The Market

Nothing can ever beat in the game of domain registrars. Yes, they are the best. They have so much experience in the field since 1998.

The registrar specializes in selling domains, web hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates, web design, and online marketing services.

The service they provide is full of quality and simplicity. The customer service is outstanding, which is available 24/7.

For a new domain, the prices for the first year are:
com- 9.99 USD
org- 8.99 USD
net- 12.99 USD


Well, first of all, there is an exciting thing about Bluehost. If you purchase their web hosting plans, they will offer you free domain names for the first year. Yes, you heard it right. They register their domains through Tucows.

Bluehost is indeed very user-friendly. It is effortless to use. The website is straightforward to navigate, and its service is also full of quality.

But, we must say one thing, that Bluehost is indeed very much affordable. And the protection security is outstanding.

But if you only want to buy your domain from Bluehost without web hosting, that is also possible. You will get a free domain, a customizable theme.

For a new domain, the prices for the first year are:

com – 12.99 USD
org – 9.99 USD
net – 14.99 USD


GoDaddy is that domain registrar service that is the best among all the other registrars. Why? Its user count shows that. More than 60 million people are using GoDaddy for their domain names.

And one of the best things about it is that they provide complete strong protection and security to the users’ data.

GoDaddy sells many services and domain names, such as web hosting, email hosting, website security, tools for building websites, hosting for WordPress, and much more.

For a new domain, the prices for the first year are:
com- 11.99 USD
org – 9.99 USD
net – 14.99 USD


Well your budget is tight, and you want a domain within a small budget, then Namecheap is what you need. And according to our research, it is one of the most affordable domain registrars in the market. Namecheap does offer a 30-day, solid money-back promise. Their service is free for the first 30 days to determine if it’s right for you.

They offer free privacy protection, 24/7 live customer service, and are very easy to use.

For a new domain, the prices for the first year are:
com – 8.99 USD
org – 9.18 USD
net – 10.78 USD


NameSilo is another fastest-growing domain registrar in the market. The service is outstanding; pricing is also under a comfortable budget. Namesilo is the cheapest option for domain names, and they don’t constantly push for more money from customers.

They also provide other services along with domain names, such as web hosting and more.

For a new domain, the prices for the first year are:
com – 8.99 USD
org – 10.79 USD
net – 11.79 USD

As you can see yourself, each domain registrar from the list of top 5 domain registrars is unique in its ways. We suggest you choose the one that goes perfectly with your budget.

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