How to Increase Organic Traffic on Facebook

Hey social media marketers! Want more people organically engaging with your Facebook content? Looking for proven growth tactics beyond just buying Facebook ads? You came to the right place!

Driving organic Facebook traffic takes effort, but it’s completely doable with the right strategy. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the top methods for growing your organic Facebook reach and engagement this year without spending a dime on ads.

Let’s get into these powerful organic Facebook marketing techniques!

Optimize Your Facebook Page

The first step is getting your Facebook Page looking on point to convert visitors into engaged followers.

Here are key elements to optimize on your Page:

  • Profile Picture – Have a high-quality logo or profile image consistent with your brand identity. Make it vibrant and recognizable.
  • Cover Photo – Use a compelling, branded header image representing your business. Include relevant text/messaging.
  • Page Name – Pick a simple, memorable Page name aligned with your brand name. Consistent name across platforms.
  • About Section – Fully fill out the About section with useful info on who you are and what you do. Include keywords.
  • Contact Info – Add contact info like your website, email and phone number so it’s easy for potential customers to reach you.

A polished, professional Facebook Page builds credibility right off the bat with new visitors.

Post Valuable Content Frequently

Posting consistently high-quality content is critical for organic Facebook success. Provide entertainment and solutions with your posts targeted to your audience.

Types of content shown to perform well includes:

  • Educational content – How-to tips, lessons, actionable advice relevant to your niche. Teach people something useful.
  • Behind-the-scenes – Give a unique look into your brand, products, office, etc. People love exclusivity.
  • Ask questions – Spark engagement by directly prompting comments with questions.
  • User-generated content – Photos and videos from existing users and customers. Builds trust.
  • Industry articles – Share articles and commentary providing value on topics related to your niche.

Post at least once per day to stay top of mind on timelines. Offer a variety of content types like images, videos, live videos, Stories, and more.

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Strategically Use Hashtags

Hashtags help expose your posts to more users who don’t already follow your Page. Including relevant hashtags makes your content discoverable in hashtag search results and feeds.

Tips for optimizing hashtags:

  • Research popular niche hashtags and broader hashtags to use a targeted mix.
  • Insert 4-8 hashtags per post. Too many flags you as spammy.
  • Place hashtags in the first comment rather than caption text.
  • Customize hashtags based on each specific post vs just reusing the same tags.
  • Search hashtags yourself and engage with other posts to get your content in those feeds.

Hashtags expand your posts beyond just your current followers to new potential audiences. Choose them strategically.

Run Local Awareness Ads

While our focus is organic traffic, running inexpensive Local Awareness ads can amplify yourUnpaid reach.

Local Awareness ads display your Page information, cover photo, and call to action button to people located near your business.

Tips for success with Local Awareness:

  • Target people within 5-25 miles of your business location.
  • Have a strong call-to-action button to drive clicks, like “Book Now”.
  • Display addresses of all business locations.
  • Use compelling Page visuals that grab attention.
  • Start with just $3-5 per day budgets to reach nearby audiences.

This combines organic and paid marketing to get your Page on nearby people’s radars.

Go Live and Use Video

Live videos and native video significantly boost organic reach and engagement on Facebook.

Best practices for video:

  • Go live showcasing your products, office, behind-the-scenes looks, Q&As with fans, etc.
  • Post educational how-to videos, tutorials, and video tips related to your niche.
  • Share user-generated video content from existing customers if you have their permission.
  • Use strong custom thumbnails and titles that capture attention but accurately represent the video.
  • Format vertical videos for mobile screens and square videos for more flexibility.
  • Ask viewers to Like, Comment, and Share at the end of your videos to boost visibility.

Video, especially live, keeps people actively engaged longer. The high engagement signals relevancy to Facebook’s algorithm.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Contests, giveaways, and promotions incentivize users to Like, share, tag friends, and engage more to gain visibility for your Page. The prospect of winning a prize motivates participation.

Some tips for contests:

  • Require liking your Page and sharing with friends for entry to expand reach.
  • Offer prizes like your products/services, gift cards, discounts, etc tailored to your audience.
  • Promote the giveaway in advance across your Facebook presence to build hype.
  • Use contest apps like Woobox to collect entries and pick random winners.
  • Keep the required steps to enter few and simple. Followers want minimal friction.

Reward genuine actions that boost your visibility vs having people just mindlessly spam comments to enter.

Collaborate With Relevant Pages

Find other Facebook Pages in your industry or location and collaborate on giveaways, content sharing, and cross-promotion. This taps into their existing audiences.

Potential collaborations:

  • Co-host contest – each Page contributes prizes and promotes to their followers.
  • Share and engage with each other’s posts to put them in front of new audiences.
  • Jointly create content showcasing both brands/businesses, like “behind the scenes” and listicles.
  • Swap takeovers where you guest post content on each other’s Pages for a day.
  • Cross-promote events, launches, or big news on each other’s Pages.

Search Pages similar in size or 2-3x your size for collaborations that make sense. Pitch them in messages.

Promote Your Best Content Through Ads

While I’ve focused on organic tactics, you can amplify your top-performing content even further with inexpensive Facebook ads.

Some tips for effective content promotion ads:

  • Build ads showcasing your most engaging organic posts from the past month.
  • Target lookalike audiences, interests, and competitor followers relevant to those posts.
  • Start with just $5-10 per day to reach more of your potential audience.
  • Set engagement objectives like page likes, shares, and post engagement.

Apply the 80/20 principle – a small portion of your content likely drives a majority of feedback and conversions. Give those stellar pieces an extra push through ads.

Track Insights and Iterate

Continuously analyze your Facebook Page Insights data to understand what content types, formats, posting times, etc are driving the most reach and engagement.

Then double down on tactics that prove most effective for your audience and continue testing new approaches. The key is constantly optimizing based on data and performance.

Wrapping Up

There you have an extensive list of tactics to increase your organic Facebook traffic and grow your audience in 2023!

Some key takeaways:

  • Post high-quality content consistently
  • Optimize hashtags, videos and lives
  • Run giveaways and collaborations
  • Promote top posts with ads
  • Analyze and optimize based on insights

Apply these tips diligently for measurable organic growth. Feel free to reach out with any other Facebook marketing questions! Time to engage more followers. 😎

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common organic Facebook traffic questions:

What types of Facebook posts get the most engagement?

Generally more raw, behind-the-scenes type posts and user-generated content see higher engagement. Posting valuable educational content, asking questions, using video, and images also help drive reactions and shares.

What hashtag strategy works best on Facebook?

A mix of 4-8 closely relevant niche hashtags and some additional broader hashtags helps expand reach. Make sure they directly relate to each specific post vs blindly reusing the same tags.

Should I pay influencers to post my content?

It can be worth small test budgets to micro-influencers whose audience closely matches your target demographic. Ensure they drive authentic engagement. But larger celebrity influencers often don’t convert well.

How often should I post to Facebook?

Posting once per day is good cadence for consistent visibility, but you can post multiple times per day if you have enough value to share. Just ensure most posts receive decent engagement rather than being ignored.

What’s a good organic reach percentage on Facebook?

On average, Facebook pages see organic reach of 5-10% of their total Page followers. Reach will fluctuate post by post. Benchmark against competitors in your niche to evaluate your organic reach.

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