How to Make Money on Pinterest as an Affiliate [Complete Step By Step]

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform that people use for inspiration, and where they look for references for future purchases. 

More than 440 million users around the world come to Pinterest looking for new ideas every month! Can you see the potential of this platform?

If you want to learn how to take advantage of this business opportunity and how to make money on Pinterest as an Affiliate, then you are in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to share all the steps you need to take so you can start working as an Affiliate using Pinterest!

Let’s start! 

First Steps to Make Money with Pinterest

Before I explain exactly how you will start making money on Pinterest, I need you to understand some basic concepts, however, fundamental to succeed on the platform. 

The first concept you need to understand is that Pinterest works as a kind of catalog of ideas. 

This means that people come to the platform to be inspired, looking for references, for some kind of action they intend to take in the future.

These searches go through:

  • a one-room renovation;
  • a revamped home office;
  • tattoo references, 
  • haircut ideas;
  • creative inspirations for nails;
  • business ideas; etc.

One of the most interesting factors for people to seek inspiration and references within Pinterest is that there is a high probability that they are willing to make a purchase through the content they find there.

I myself have lost count of how many times I was looking for references/inspiration and was “ influenced ” by content I found on Pinterest.

Has this ever happened to you too?

But, after all, how does this influence your ability to make money as an Affiliate using Pinterest?

Connecting the dots between your content and the sale

If over 440 million people come to Pinterest every month to find inspiration and references, imagine if your content is available there…

Well, there is a huge possibility for Pinterest users to find your Pins ( name of the content shared on Pinterest ), and access your communication channels as an Affiliate. do you agree?

Even more interesting is the organic reach power you can get on Pinterest!

In no other large social network, today in the digital market is it possible to reach as many people organically as on Pinterest?

What I really need you to understand now is that if you haven’t started promoting your content as an Affiliate on Pinterest, you’re missing out on making money. 

Serious! You are missing an excellent opportunity to scale your business digitally and spread your affiliate links.

So, let’s start together to catch this money that is falling off the table there and you didn’t even see it…

Getting started the right way using Pinterest to make money as an Affiliate

Maybe you already have a Pinterest account… However, to work professionally on Pinterest as an Affiliate, you need to follow some steps that I will leave listed here below.

Are they:

  • have a Business account;
  • create a professional and strategic profile, with keywords, optimized for SEO;
  • create folders using keywords that are searchable within Pinterest;
  • make professional, strategic, and attractive content to build an audience that will want to follow you and follow everything you produce there;
  • Be frequent in your posts.

Pay close attention and always keep in mind what you just read above.

These basic steps I mentioned above are the foundations to succeed on Pinterest as an Affiliate!

Maybe you still don’t understand what all this means, but, you can continue reading this article, and you will understand everything. 

What does it mean to have a business account on Pinterest 

As soon as you start your Pinterest account, you have the possibility to create a personal account or a business account. 

If you want to learn how to make money on Pinterest as an Affiliate, then you need to choose the option to create a business account. 

That’s because the business account on Pinterest will bring you fundamental data that will serve as a compass for your content creation on the platform.

One of the most interesting tools you will have access to with a business account is Pinterest Analytics

Through Analytics, you will be able to access a general report and view the performance of your Pins.

How Pinterest Analytics works

Analytics is a unique tool for content creators who have a Pinterest business account.

It is through this tool that you will access the performance report of the pins you created, the number of impressions of your pins, and how your audience is engaged with the content, among other data. 

This tool is super complete, with filters that you can activate and check specific data about your potential customers/followers.

Now that you understand the importance of having a business account on Pinterest, and how it positively influences the success of your business as an Affiliate, let’s learn step-by-step how to create one!

How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest

Creating a business account on Pinterest is very simple! 

It only takes some data that you most likely already have. Then, just fill in the required fields and proceed.  

First, go to, then click on “Create account”.

It is very important that you select the option “ Create a free business account”

You have the option to create an account with email and password or log in with a Google or Facebook account. 

I particularly prefer to create an account with a unique email and password, for the sake of data protection. But, you can do it the way you see fit. 

Data required to create a business account on Pinterest:

  • E-mail
  • Password
  • Age

After entering this data, click on “ Create Account ”. 

Ready! Your account is created! Simpler, impossible lol

Oh, and if you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can convert it to a Business account.

But, I advise you to create a new and separate account for your work, especially if you want to keep your personal account activated. 

First settings on your Pinterest business account

Now that your Pinterest business account is properly created, it’s time for you to make the first settings there.

On the next screen, after you click on “Create Account”, you will need to fill in the following data:

  • Profile name;
  • Your site;
  • Country/Region;
  • Language.

In the profile name, you can fill in your name, or the name of your project. It’s up to you. This will depend on your advertising strategy as an Affiliate on Pinterest. 

If you don’t have a website/blog yet, no problem. You can choose the option “No”, and leave it blank. 

However, if you really want to work as a professional affiliate and earn money on Pinterest, I advise you to have a website/blog. This will be very important in the medium/long term, and for your growth here in digital.

You can also insert a profile picture, picture of yourself, or logo. Again, it depends on your strategy with this profile. 

After filling in this data, click on “Next”.

Now, you will describe your company/project, selecting some options that Pinterest itself makes available.

  • What is your brand’s focus?
  • What are your goals?

You can choose up to 3 goals for your profile at this time. But in Pinterest account settings, you can easily change this as needed over time. 

Once these 2 questions are answered, just click on “Next”. 

On the next page, you must choose how you describe your company/project. Once the option is selected, click on “Next” again.

Finally, Pinterest will ask if you are interested in running ads on the platform. 

You can respond according to your current need. And even if you answer “Yes”, that doesn’t mean you need to make an announcement right now. 

Again click “Next”, and you will be taken to a page that suggests some ways to get started on Pinterest. 

My advice is that at this first moment, you finish filling in your profile data, adding relevant information, with keywords that will already help you to optimize your profile for the Pinterest search engine. 

Ah, one very important thing that you cannot forget, is to confirm your registered email on Pinterest.

It is to this email that the Platform sends important information about events and many tips for content creators.

In fact, this is one of the things I love most about Pinterest! The fact that they always deliver a lot of relevant content for us content creators!

Creating and Optimizing Your Boards to Sell on Pinterest as an Affiliate

With your Pinterest profile created and properly configured, it’s time for you to start creating folders where you will insert your content on the platform. 

It is very important that you keep in mind which niche market will work in this profile because it is through this definition that you will start doing keyword research within Pinterest itself.

This search will serve as “north” for you to name the folders that you will create, and in addition, you can make a description of these folders using the keywords you found.

But, you might be asking yourself “How and where to find these keywords?”. 

If that’s the question, then let’s move on to the next topic, where we’ll talk about it. 

How and Where to Find Keywords on Pinterest for SEO

The term SEO is from English – Search Engine Optimization (Means: Optimization for search engines ). 

In translation, they are techniques you use to make your content relevant, well-positioned, and found, when someone searches for a certain topic.

Within Pinterest, you can find keywords in the search tab.

That is, you can find out what words a user uses when they search within Pinterest.

You can view several of these keywords by accessing the search tab, and using Pinterest’s own “ autocomplete ”.

How to access from computer/laptop:

  • logged into your Pinterest account, in the main menu, “Business” option, go to “Feed”. 
  • Ready, just type the desired word, and Pinterest will show you a selection of words that are already searched on the platform.

How to access by mobile:

  • logged into your Pinterest account, click on the magnifying glass on the bottom bar, inside the App.
  • All you have to do is type the word you want to search for in the highlighted space “search for ideas”.

It may seem simple, and it is. Maybe even because it’s so simple, many people skip this step and end up not using the right keywords. That is, the words your potential customers are looking for. 

Rest assured that if you apply this action to every board and pin you create, it’s only a matter of time before your Pinterest profile starts to grow and reach a lot of people!

Remember that organic reach on Pinterest is infinitely greater and more powerful than any other social network you are creating content for right now.

How to Produce Attractive Content that Engages and Sells on Pinterest

Strategic content production is a key part if you really want to make money on Pinterest as an Affiliate!

But think with me: if people come to Pinterest looking for inspiration, that alone is a great insight for you to produce content that will engage and consequently sell on Pinterest.

Content on Pinterest is very visual and you do need to do your best to make your content stand out among so many others.

However, I want to calm you down and tell you that it is not necessary to be a professional designer to create attractive pins. 

You can use ready-made templates from Canva, which has a huge collection of extremely beautiful Pin ideas!

Canva templates can serve as inspiration, and from them you can create your own.

Nothing practice can’t solve. 

And, in the “worst case”, if you can afford it, it’s totally possible to hire a Designer who can make the pins for you 😉

Some very useful tips when creating your Pins

Many people have doubts about how to create attractive pins. Some even freeze when doing this part of the work on Pinterest because they believe their pins aren’t pretty enough.

That’s why I want to leave here some useful tips that I hope will make your life easier when creating your pins:

  • have references from other niches;
  • use ready-made Canva templates, if possible Canva Pro, so you’ll have access to more features that can make you stand out from the crowd;
  • create your own templates from what has already worked on your profile;
  • when creating the pin, make sure that the colors contrast, between the writing and the background, so that people can read what is written;
  • study copywriting to make CTA’s that arouse the desire to click on your content;
  • take care in choosing elements and photos, and if possible, study some design concepts that help you better understand how the consumer’s mind works.

In addition to these tips, it is very important that you always study your niche to have a repertoire and produce content that attracts the attention of your target audience. 

The image or video you use may even attract attention, but if the content of the pin isn’t really relevant to your audience, people won’t want to follow you or follow your work. 

Now, there is one key element, which if you ignore it, it will be impossible to learn how to make money on Pinterest as an affiliate.

Do you know which one?

Often frequency comes before excellence 

Unfortunately, we are living in an extremely short-term era, where people want to have their desires fulfilled instantly.

But in the digital market, as in the traditional market, nothing happens overnight.

There is a process, a path to take that you need to be willing to take if you want to have real results. 

And, one of the most important lessons we need to learn and relearn whenever necessary is that “ often frequency comes before excellence .”

Therefore, it is critical that you train your mind and daily attitudes to build your work. 

How often to post on Pinterest

If you are a total newbie to Pinterest, after reading this article, you might be wondering how often to post on Pinterest…

Well, of course, this is something that only you can determine. It is necessary to look at your current reality and see what is a priority and what you can handle in terms of content production. 

My advice is that you strive to post at least 1 pin a day if you are starting a new profile. 

You can program yourself to do this. Create a Content Calendar, do research already, and create and schedule everything in advance. This will save you a lot of work! 

Remember: often frequency comes before excellence.

It’s no use wanting to be excellent if you haven’t been frequent in your content creation. 

Take time to study how the Pinterest platform works. There’s a lot of content on Pinterest here on the blog, and I’ll bring you a lot of new ones soon too.

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How to Make Money on Pinterest | Conclusion

In this article, I have told you absolutely everything you need to know about making money on Pinterest as an affiliate.

It’s not a matter of “ hacks ” or “ tips ” that sometimes work, and sometimes don’t. 

You need to learn about the fundamentals of how Pinterest works, and that’s what I set out to share here today.

I hope this content has helped you open your mind to the opportunity that is available on Pinterest, and that you start producing your content there as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, or if you want to leave any content suggestions here in the comments, feel free.

I’ll wait for you here in the next articles

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