Privacy Policy

To ensure your privacy, we will never ask you for unnecessary personal information. We do not share any of this data with third parties unless required by law or important in continuing our operations on the site. If we are asked for more than what’s necessary and relevant, that means something else may be going on behind the scenes; therefore, as a rule-of-thumb when writing an online Privacy Policy – don’t give anything away!
This service does not maintain logs that relate specifically to users’ activities nor IP addresses used, whereas some services keep detailed records (even though they call them anonymous). In terms of security practices: This website has SSL enabled along with HTTPS implemented both via HTTP Strict Transport Security Protocols &

Website Visitors

Awesome Motive tracks website visitors to enhance its understanding of how people use the site. The company may even release aggregated data from time to time, such as reporting usage trends.

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Information

Visitors to Awesome Motive’s websites have various ways of interacting with the company. For example, those who want to comment on our blog need only provide a username and email address, while others looking for updates via email must submit their emails as well. Naturally, the amount of information we gather depends on what people are asking us online; in each case, however, it is always necessary or appropriate depending upon their level of interaction.


Ads that appear on any of our websites may be delivered to users by third-party advertising partners. These ad companies use cookies to track your activity online and deliver targeted advertisements based on the pages you visit or other information they have about you. This Privacy Policy covers Awesome Motive’s usage of tracking tools but does not cover advertisers’ practices regarding how their own collected data is used for marketing purposes.

Ads appearing on all our websites can potentially be sent out through a process involving 3rd-party advertisement services who set up cookies within your browser so that when they see an internet user again, it’ll help them recognize what ads are most likely relevant towards each specific individual as well as provide personally tailored advertisements which will hopefully induce more interest with

Privacy Policy Changes

Awesome Motive encourages you to frequently check their website for any changes in the Privacy Policy, as they are constantly updating it. You will be deemed to have accepted these updates if your continued use of this site after a change has been made is perceived by Awesome Motive as consent.