Semrush is a great keyword research tool for beginners to advanced marketers. It’s not only a KW research tool but also your business optimizer. If you operate any blogs, online business, or digital marketing agencies this product will becomes an irreplaceable part of your business. It’s been created by Russian startup SeoTools team and it has grown in popularity among internet marketers worldwide since its launch in 2015.




Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool launched in 2011 which has a mammoth user base of over 1,00,000 people every month. It allows users to effortlessly find low competition keywords and phrases that can bring them significant traffic from search engines. This tool is frequently used by bloggers to find profitable keywords related to their niche because it can provide very accurate keyword searches for blog post titles and topics. It also helps the user free from the manual keyword research created by all other tools in today’s market place.


KW Finder


KW Finder is a keyword research tool, which is designed to help you discover the keywords and competitor’s strengths. The tool will show you the competitive analysis for each domain name and ranking, as well as give powerful SEO suggestions for your brand new website or blog. With this app, you can find out those common keywords used by your competitors and build up your own site with the best keyword matching information.



 Ahrefs keyword research tool helps you to generate awesome content ideas for your blog and website. It makes it easy to choose the right keywords for SEO, blogging and advertising campaigns. Ahrefs comes with cool features like site explorer, rank tracker, social media monitor. Whoop! 90 days of FREE trial period of all premium features. Start your free trial:





 SpyFu is a great way to find out your competitors on an international level, find their weaknesses and strengths, key contact information for promotions and it provides excellent analysis reports. It’s a very powerful tool with a lot of information on there at a decent price. The best thing about it is that the results are very accurate and easy to understand. Either way SpyFu isn’t going to disappoint or upset you in any way.





 SEObility, you can enhance your SEO strategy to improve overall site performance. You can learn about the SEO score of each page that helps you to analyse the problems and areas for improvement. With only one tool you can monitor everything happening around your website at once.