How to Promote Affiliate Links on Pinterest Without Being Blocked

In today’s article, I will show you how to promote affiliate links on Pinterest in a strategic way, so you can get sales without getting blocked.

I know that many people have started using Pinterest to promote their affiliate links and are facing the problem of getting blocked within the platform.

This block started happening because many affiliates create pins with the sole purpose of getting people to the sale page.

All platforms value the user experience, so when Pinterest realized that there were a lot of people sending people to sales pages, the platform started to have stricter control over certain links.

I will show you in this article how to promote affiliate links on Pinterest the right way, that is, without getting blocked.

Why Use Pinterest to Promote Affiliate Links?

According to WikipediaPinterest is a social network that works as an inspiration board, where users share themed images of their own or posted by other users.

What I love most about Pinterest is that each pin (image) can be clickable, that is, it can have a link that will take the user to the website/blog of the content published there.

In this way, Pinterest’s potential to generate qualified traffic for external content is enormous. 

On social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, posts “age”, that is, they have a shelf life of one or two days at most. Then they are almost forgotten.

On Pinterest, it’s different, because pins are like collector’s items that are always there in the window.

A pin shared by other profiles can enter a positive cycle that always makes it stand out.

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How to advertise an affiliate link on Pinterest and not get blocked?

As it is increasingly difficult to include affiliate links in pins, I decided to bring you some alternatives to solve this problem.

Check below the 3 best ways to promote affiliate links on Pinterest, not get blocked, and achieve the best results.

1. Use your own domain

The first way to promote an affiliate link on Pinterest and not get blocked is to have your own domain.

In this case, you need to buy a domain and hire hosting, because then you can bring the sales page into your structure.

So, instead of the user being directed to the producer link (Hotmart or Monetizze), which is no longer allowed, he goes straight to your domain, which will have a copy of the sales page you promote.

When you have your own website, you can clone a sales page identical to the producer’s page, only it will run within your domain.

The cloned sales page allows you to include your checkout links, that is, you can take your visitor directly to the purchase and thus earn your commission.

To clone a sales page there are 2 ways:

1. Using the Elementor plugin 

With the Elementor plugin, even in the free version, it is possible to build the sales page manually, that is, you go looking at the page and copy it bit by bit within its structure. 

This way works, but you will waste hours of work building this page.

2. With the HotLink Plus plugin

With the HotLink Plus plugin from the Ninja Tools package, which is the plugin I use here on my site, you can clone any sales page in a few minutes and include your checkout links.

2. How to advertise an affiliate link on Pinterest using Google Sites

If you still can’t or don’t want to invest in hosting and plugins, a great option is to use Google Sites.

Google’s website-building platform is free and can be used by anyone with a Gmail account.

Without sidebars or ads, a page made on Google Sites is very objective and without distractions for the visitor, which is great for holding the user’s attention.

It is very intuitive to create a website on this platform. The result is a very clean and light page to load.

The important thing here is that you focus on the good copy, which will have a “ call to action ” to take your visitor to the sales page.

This is a great strategy to keep your link from getting blocked from Pinterest.

3. Create a converting article

A great way to get your affiliate link out on Pinterest is to create a converting article.

In this article, you will talk all about the product and activate the mental triggers so that the visitor feels like buying.

You can touch your avatar’s pain and explain how this product can help you solve your problems.

Explain what the product is, what it is for, and why it is the best solution, that is, an article with a good copy to make your visitor want to buy the product.

You can create a converting article within your structure (your blog or mini-site) or on free sites like Google Sites, Medium, and Blogger among others.

I really like using this strategy because often your avatar is still in doubt about the product and a converting article can break objections and work more.

But of course, there is no rule, it’s always good to test. 

Cloning the sales page within your structure also works well, especially if it’s a good sales page.

It all depends on what stage of the sales funnel your avatar is in:

Middle of the funnel? If that’s the case, he wants to know more about the product, so it’s best to take him to a good converting article.

Funnel bottom? In this case, he already knows what he wants, so the best thing is to take him straight to the cloned sales page within your structure.


Undoubtedly, Pinterest can be a great ally to generate abundant traffic to your website/blog.

Deciding to put your affiliate link directly on the pin is not a good idea.

Firstly because Pinterest is blocking pins with URLs from affiliate sites such as ShareASale, CJ, and others.

Second, because the person who clicks on your pin is often in the middle of the funnel, I mean, they just want product information and maybe buy at another time.

So, it is best if you work with the strategy of sending the user to a product review article, a conversion article, the producer capture page, or even a content article.

In the end, you recommend the product.

As I said before, everything is also a test. There are no hard rules in digital marketing.

The important thing is to always be aware of what your avatar wants and see the best way to attract it.

Well, I hope this article really taught you how to promote affiliate links on Pinterest, without blocking and with the best strategies.

A big hug and success

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