What Is Web Hosting And Why It Is Important For You

Suppose you are someone who wants to start a business online, researching every little thing related to it. But confused about what web hosting is? Let us tell you one thing first: you are not the only one; we have seen many people who do not precisely understand the meaning and benefits of web hosting. We will explain to you what web hosting is and why do you need it?

Explanation of Web Hosting

Let us give you an example first for a better understanding. ‘Why do people buy land? People buy land so that they can build their houses. Once the house is built on the land, the owner stays in one flat, rents the rest, or does whatever they want. Right? But one can also buy an apartment, and they do not have to buy the land then. Okay, but whatever the house people buy, the house is built on a particular land which is their property.

In simple words, the land is the most important thing, because there is a house, so many people living there, so much furniture and whatnot. Means land is a place where many valuable things belong.

And now, what is web hosting? Web hosting is a maintenance service where you can keep and store all the data and files of your website. It means you are buying land on the World Wide Web.

Types of Web Hosting:

Shared web hosting service. Virtual Dedicated Server.
● Dedicated hosting service.
● Managed hosting service.
● Colocation web hosting service.
● Cloud hosting.
● Clustered hosting.
● Grid hosting.

Where Can You Buy Web Hosting?

There are so many web hosting service companies in the market. Now we will give you the list of the ten best web hosting companies:
1. Bluehost
2. Hostgator
3. Hostinger
4. Inmotion
5. Hostwinds
6. Dreamhost
7. GreenGeeks
8. Domain.com
9. WP Engine
10. Namecheap

Why Do You Need Web Hosting?

Well, we believe from the example itself above you understood the importance and work of web hosting. Without web hosting and a domain name, a website is nothing. You can build your in-house dedicated server. But we highly recommend you not to do it. Because it will only give you pressure, increase your costs and throw you into big trouble. Purchasing hosting from a web hosting provider is the best method for your website, which means your business. According to our expertise and experience, we will tell you that web hosting thoroughly depends on your budget, your skills, and the size and type of your website. Pricing differs from provider to provider. So research well before you make the final decision. So choose the web hosting provider that suits you and your website.

We believe we could answer the question of what web hosting is and why do you need it? Every website needs web hosting, so you have to understand the basic idea of it. Study well before buying web hosting for your website.

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